Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Insectology at Oxbow, Part 5: Open Studio Night

With an buggy and busy two weeks the course is closing with an 'open studio' night, so at our Inskect Haus (otherwise known as the Klute paper-making studio) we prepared for the Ox-Bow and local community to come visit us...

We pulled a number of things together. The collections by all of the students were all on display, and there were quite a few mighty nice ones.  We also managed to put together a group insect collection among all of our individual ones for the small benefit auction that night. It fetched $150! Not bad for a bunch of bugs after all ~

Another group did a 40+ run of posters on the insects of Ox-Bow as lovely takeaways at our open studio:

And we also set up some scopes with insect specimens from the week, including diving beetles, a wasp-parasitized hawkmoth caterpillar (what is an one studio without one?) and a non-biting midge with its priceless toilet brush antennae ~

Some Small Science Collective zines on insects army ants, earwigs, fruit flies, and entomophagy were also available and grabbed up quickly:

And very popular was a video by Molly Hewitt and Lauren Taylor called "Blind Mate" - the insect version of Blind Date. Rich in biological details, it is too hilarious to describe in words, you just need to watch it yourself:

A commemorative poster for for everyone in the class - silkscreen image care of Christa Donner and typography by Qing Yang and collaborators - will be a nice reminder of the time ~


And a music mix appropriately themed, of course:

Overall it is a hopping & buzzing kind of time at the Insectology 2012 open studio ~~!


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