Saturday, August 11, 2012

Insectology at Oxbow, Part 3: Entomophagy!

As mentioned in the previous post, eating insects (kown as "entomophagy") was on the agenda for us in the Insectology course at Ox-Bow (and indeed a running theme on this blog).  The savoriness of entomophagy and its  potential contribution to sustainability have been among our interests.

 This last Thursday we took the some 60 or more frozen hoppers we had collected on the meadow for the past week to Eric May, the amazing Ox-Bow head chef and general multi-talent, to cook these guys up chapulines-style as he had eaten them himself in Oaxaca. 

We started by removing the wings (optional) and rinsing out the sand ~

Eric fried the grasshoppers in garlic-infused oil...

Then after draining applied his friend's custom habenero salt and a squeeze of fresh line juice - ping!

 And we "jumped" right in (ha-ha) ~

They were a hit - so crispy and tasty. Light, a sense of meadow grass-ness and the slight lilt of shrimp.  I only had a second to take this picture as the last three were grabbed up:

A culinary treat thanks to the insectologists of Ox-Bow and Eric!


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