Monday, August 13, 2012

Insectology at Oxbow, Part 4: Insects & Art

One thing that Ox-Bow makes possible is amazing cross-fertilizing. I can't tell you how many of the wonderful insects we've found here have been brought to us by people in the ceramics studio, printmaking, and the kitchen staff too. In kind and in exchange, we seem to have spread our insect meme around to the studios. this started with Jeff Mack's "GlassHopper" in the first week, and has now spread.

I just came to find out that Kyle Ragsdale in the painting studios has been doing a lovely series of paintings (most completed that same day) of us with our nets in hand scrounging around in awe of insects, 

Meanwhile, Christa Donner has been doing as series of painted and silk-screened masks that Ox-Bowians have been wearing as part of a photo series of her's....

And then we've taken insects to other art students directly. One of the "Art in the Meadow" classes is for kids, and so we went over to share water bugs, stick insects, and the like:

This, of course, prompted joint efforts between us and the kids to net some nice insects flying around and about...


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