Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Nuclear Accidents and Insect Form

We've been talking about the process of the pupa in completely metamorphic (holometaboluos insects), the final act being the molt out of the pupal case when the adult emerges in its final form - this last molt is called "eclosion"

Now a study claims a large number of pale blue butterflies in Japan that fail to properly eclose and show a range of other deformities is likely due to mutational changes caused by the radiation which leaked from the Fukushima Dainichi plant in 2011.

This finding are reminiscent of artist Cornelia Hesse-Hoenegger's claims that many mutant insects can also be found in Europe due to radiation exposure from the Chernoyll nuclear power plant accident in the 1980's.

Her beautiful and haunting illustrations of these mutant insects provide a complement to this more recent research - take a look at some HERE. 


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