Thursday, September 25, 2014

Consider the Lobster by David Foster Wallace


This article is about the ethics of eating lobsters. I figured it could be interesting to read this exploration of eating a kind of arthropod, especially with all the talk of entomophagy in class. It questions what we actually mean when we talk about pain and "putting something out of its suffering". Plus, I take every opportunity to make people read David Foster Wallace.

--Hannah Wright

My favorite line:

"There is, after all, a difference between (1) pain as a purely neurological event, and (2) actual suffering, which seems crucially to involve an emotional component, an awareness of pain as unpleasant, as something to fear/dislike/want to avoid."

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andrew s.yang said...

Great post!

This makes me think about a brief report released by the Parliament of Canada on weather insects and other invertebrates feel pain (leave it to our neighbors up north to be so thoughtful). Check it out here: