Wednesday, September 10, 2014

"a pest for every season" ?

The Chicago Tribune had a little article the other day about "Pests of the Season" - the highlighted critter? Yellowjackets. For those of you who went collecting with us the other day, you'll remember we found a colony nesting in the ground under a tree.

Here is a quote that piqued my curiosity though: 

"If they're on the home or on the premises, there's a possibility you may have a child or a resident who may be allergic," says Tom Dobrinska, a board-certified entomologist and training director with Elmhurst, Illinois-based Anderson Pest Solutions. "If they get stung, you're talking about possible anaphylactic shock or even death."

Please help me parse the logic of the claim made above: If you have wasps around your home, then you could be allergic?  Are the presence of wasps something that makes an allergic person more likely? hmmm... sounds like a great way to seel some bug spray...


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