Thursday, September 13, 2012

The insect mouth at work

(please also see the comments in the "comments" section)

We have been talking a lot about the anatomy of the insect mouth lately, and the grasshopper as our key  model for mouths across the diversity of diversity forms.  Likewise, we've been discussing the functional flexibility of traits in insects, and lo and behold, it looks like another one has been discovered: kissing!  Who knew.



Student, Bipedal said...

This is one of the results on the first page when searching "Grasshopper mouth anatomy" in Google Images.

Anonymous said...

Someone else's sex life is none of your fucking business unless you want to fuck them. And that is all. As for the duck and deer action: when will we see this DVD? I have been waiting for this exact action to spring forth for ages. (sarcs)
As a side-note: I wanted a diagram of a weta mouth with all the parts labelled. What I got was anti-gay porn. Google has really been fucking up lately

andrew s.yang said...

"Anonymous" recently commented this was a anti-gay cartoon within this post. We interpreted it as exactly the opposite - a humorous parody of anti-gay propaganda that always argues every progressive policy is a "slippery slope" to something else completely unrelated.

We at the Insect World support everyone's right to be in a consensual relationship with whomever they choose.

If you happen to meet a human-sized grasshopper, maybe there is a connection waiting to happen.

Wadevah said...

What kind of sick shit is that? I googled for "praying mantis mouth anatomy" goddamnit!