Monday, September 10, 2012

Insect Collecting Trip

Caught a lot of bugs during this Sunday's hunting trip. No dragonflies though :/

Pics of the larger insects:

While walking towards the bird sanctuary, a green flying thing was spotted. Thought it was a bird at first. It's a katydid!


For a sense of scale, this is a peanut butter jar.

After most people left, we went cricket hunting. Then I saw this mantis. It flew off a couple of times and was nicely camouflaged in the tall grass. The red coloring helped give it away.

Video link of the mantis grooming and katydid respirating.

Also caught a caterpillar. Black body with spines. Yellow stripes dotted with red spots. Spines protrude from the red spots. The yellow stripes form a Y shape at the head.
What species is this?
Didn't freeze it. I'm hoping I can raise it.


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andy yang said...

Nice finds, Rex! Thanks for posting these, looks like you had some great success. As for the caterpillar ID, we'll have to do some research on that one....