Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Trip To Chevalier Woods (rain be damned)

Well, brave or fool-hardy I am not sure, but a set of us went out this past rainy and cold Sunday to make the most of a chance to collect insects. It started out wet, but cleared up - for some moments even spots of sun!

Julia wasn't shy about taking a hatchet to this rotting to tree to see what we might find

While the nets were useful for Emily and Ana to nab fast flyers like hover flies..

Some classic Orthopterans could be found hanging around,

While praying mantises, though tough as ever to find, also made some appearances!  A not uncommon occurrence out at Chevalier Woods ~

Little juveniles of a certain bug in a milkweed pod....

As well as some non-arthropod friends too. Snakes, field mice and a few other Friends Of the Forest were about. (This guy gave us permission to take his photo, so no copyright or in..formed consent issues here...)


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