Friday, September 23, 2011

Butterfly Scale "Micro-Mosaics" at the MJT

Hey you guys!

In case you're from the Los Angeles area, or might want to visit there, there's a great museum in Culver City called The Museum of Jurassic Technology. It's an amazing little museum of odd relics and artifacts of questionable authenticity. There is an entire history of trailer parks, a natural history of the Cat's Cradle, mice on toast, tiny statues of The Pope, Napoleon, and Goofy inside the heads of sewing needles, and at the end of the tour, you get free tea and cookies--seriously. There's also an exhibit of "micro-mosaics" made entirely out of real butterfly scales. The artist somehow placed the butterfly scales on a microscope slide with tweezers into beautiful little glittering pictures you have to look at under magnification. Here's a couple of them:

Pretty, huh?
I strongly urge you to check this museum and these butterfly scale mosaics out.
The Museum of Jurassic Technology


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