Saturday, September 24, 2011

insects and candy

The other day I decided to stop into a candy shop near my house and while in there my friend and I came across some "novelty" insect-edibles. They had "Salt N' Vinegar" and "Bacon and Cheese" Crick-Ettes as well as BBQ "Larvettes" .

The box Crick-Ettes described them as being The Other Green Meat and on the back showed a diagram explaining the cuts of meat on a cricket (as well as the nutritional facts).

We decided to try out some of the Crick-Ettes: both the Salt N' Vinegar and the Bacon and Cheese flavored ones.

They were terrible.

And when I say they were terrible, I don't want you misunderstand my reasoning. The fact that they were insects is not what made them unappealing, but rather the horrible chemical flavor that they were coated in is what made them so nasty. I'm sure the fake "bacon" flavor was put on their for the purpose of making the idea of eating insects more digestible to the general public, but it made them totally repulsive to me.

Hotlix is the distributor of this specific candy and if you visit their website they have some other (slightly more appealing) product, such as chocolate covered ants and scorpion suckers. There are also some popular websites that will sell some insects as novelty foods. On ThinkGeek you can find toasted leaf-cutter ants and oven baked-tarantula.

If you want to try out eating insects for the first time I would recommend you stay away from anything marked "bbq" or "bacon". Shoot for something chocolate dipped or be daring and find a recipe for some chapulines.

-DiAnna P.

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andrew s.yang said...

I love this post, however the bottom image is disturbing - it looks like a small human!

FYI and remember though: tarantulas are not insect! :)