Monday, March 31, 2014

Takin' a Field trip~


So much pun intended.

Ahhh The Field Museum is seriously my favorite museum in Chicago.
Here's an awesome tumblr that you should check out! One of the collection assistants in the Biodiversity Library on the 3rd floor of the Field runs it, she scans in glass negative plates from over the years that document current/past displays, specimens, and photographs documenting various events at the Field!

Also, you should take Peggy Macnamara's Scientific Illustration class. They meet Tuesdays at the museum from 9-4 (advanced meets then as well) and if you love illustration and being in a museum environment then this is the class for you! It's in the Viscom department if you're looking for the class in People Soft.

Time for some BUG NEWS!!!

First up . . . . . . .  (I've been finding so many things relating to bees I must apologize if it's too much at once!)

Macro Bee Portraits by Sam Droege and the USGS Bee Inventory and Monitoring Lab macro insects bees   Macro Bee Portraits by Sam Droege and the USGS Bee Inventory and Monitoring Lab macro insects bees

The institute talked about in the article works to identify bees in North America, there are so many! These are great pictures especially the ones with the pollen stuck on to them! The iridescent colors are also amazing.
This is most likely the same process that Graclyn/Allie was telling us about (the stitching together with the computer program) to get such detailed and clearly focused images.

Check out the Flickr! So many awesome pictures.


I found these illustrations about how to help save the bees!


P.S. I figured out who Stanley Field was. He was the nephew of Marshall Field who funded the museum during the World's Colombian Exposition. He also served as the museum's president for 56 years. That deserves a grand hall named after him!

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andrew s.yang said...

Thanks for this great post and looking into who Stanley Field was!

Maybe someday I'll have a grand hall like that named after me... :)