Thursday, March 20, 2014

Insect Pet Carriers

Here is a website that sells a few exotic insects. They even give advice on how to care for them, and which combinations of insects are viable. For example, velvet ants "make wonderful communal tankmates with blue death-feigning beetles, darkling beetles and other tenebrionidae family beetles (see related links below). Both these and the referenced beetles will eat the beetle and roach jelly products" (

I found this interesting in comparison to the current issue of the Rhino Beetle fad in Japan. While this website appears to take a pretty scientific approach and also includes disclaimers on its products, the Rhino Beetles seemed like they were being sold in a range of situations that may have included shady under-the-table operations. However, the internet isn't known as being the most moralistically sound place, either. So, is it dangerous what this site is doing? And if so, what kind of regulation should they have to deal with?

"Rumor has it that stings from these insects are significantly more painful than stings from honeybees,"

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