Saturday, September 4, 2010

Unfortunately, bed bugs.

If you live in NYC, Chicago, or Cincinnati you already know that bed bugs are back. In fact they were gone so long that many weren't even aware of their blood-sucking existence.

Recently though the US press has picked up on it, with several articles appearing in big papers. This article gives a nice overview; another article warns people like me they need to be careful picking up furniture at flea markets or in alley-ways because of these lurking pests. But a recent BBC report also points out that it seems to in fact be a global resurgence (yikes!)

So read up a little - best to know the enemy and hopefully avoid - as much as we can - these pesky and gross Hemipterans. This New York Times site actually has a wonderful resource of all its articles and multimedia content on the matter of late, including how dogs are coming to the rescue!


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