Tuesday, September 28, 2010

entomologist in the dunes

Admittedly a little tangential, but a good movie recommendation is 'Woman in the Dunes', based on the book by Japanese post-war novelist Kobo Abe.

"The Woman in the Dunes is the story of an amateur entomologist who wanders alone into a remote seaside village in pursuit of a rare beetle he wants to add to his collection. But the townspeople take him prisoner. They lower him into the sand-pit home of a young widow, a pariah in the poor community, who the villagers have condemned to a life of shoveling back the ever-encroaching dunes that threaten to bury the town."

Definitely some good bug shots, and a lot of subtle bug/human metaphors, especially that of the antlion, which captures prey by digging traps in the sand.


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