Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Montrose to Garfield

These fellows were hanging out on a milkweed plant at the Magic Hedge. Looking at this motley crew, what would you say - hemimetabolous or holometabolous? anybody? anybody? Seems like a quiz question....

Garfield Park had some things going on, especially back in the conservatory part. Thanks to Amanda with the chutzpa to just suggest we simply walk through the conservatory with our nets.

At the park's pond we found some various water bugs, beetles, water striders and damselfly larvae. And then these two kids found us. Clearly nature lovers from the looks of their nature-themed shirts.

Chris, as is his character, is spreading knowledge to every corner of the world, here to young minds as he busts this log open to catch some very quick irridescent beetles.

And look at all these aphids. Man , this plant is lousy (and kind of loused) with them, sucking away its planty life blood...

Alexandra won the award for "most unique" insect in catching this lacewing, Order Nueroptera. The stuff is out there!

And in closing, this installation art piece done by an anonymous fungus, perhaps a Basidomycete or "puffball." It looks like a lost prop from the Woody Allen movie "Sleeper." Nature is always stranger than anything we could dream of.

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