Monday, September 22, 2008


If there is nothing else you can rely on in life, at least there are the autumn mantises of Chevalier Woods! They are out in force, The invasive and large "Chinese" mantis (I feel like a race traitor talking about them in these terms.... )were everywhere - you couldn't walk a meter without seeing one (or not seeing one is the case it was actually sitting there right in front of your nose and you were oblivious).

Some native Carolina mantises were out as well, and overall it was a good insect time. They were having a good time too and good be found eating bees and wasps with abandon:

In fact, looking at the top's of all the Queen's Anne's Lace it was like Cloud City of Star Wars fame, all the buzzing flies, wasps, bees, bugs and butterflies.

Monarch season did not disappoint either, at least if you were as diligent as Sam in tracking them down with net.

And Bumblebees? HUGE!

Kara also spotted a toad (a spotty toad at that) - and some snakes and even field mice could be found, depending on what kind of piece of wood you turned over

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