Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Oh Honey! Heal me!

This may be quite old news to some of you (as this article was created in 2000), but studies have shown that honey has excellent healing properties. I bring this up because I (being horrifically clumsy) gave myself some SWEET oil burns a few days ago, from my armpit to my mid-forearm (trying to pan sear some tuna steaks in sesame oil), and I’m unhappy with almost all of the burn products on the market so far. Thus, as an exceedingly paranoid individual and medical info junkie, I decided to sift around the inter-slice for something better…

Lo’ and behold! Here I find article, upon article about honey as one of the foremost healing agents. Woo!

So, now I am going to replace my commercial healing products with honey, and we will see how it goes. Let’s see if the bees can do for me what Johnson & Johnson can’t… or my arm may fall off.

-sidenote- As the Aussies, and UK dwellers are far more open to homeopathic medicine than we Americans, a new(ish, circa 2000, to 2005) product called “Medihoney” has been created to cure a variety of ailments…

However, it seems that using store bought honey is fine, too.

ps: I drew that dippy drawing.

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