Wednesday, September 19, 2007

colourful crickets

(I'm terrible at translating, but this is kind of what the article says--)

"Three cricket-like insects coloured green, white and pink, were found at Mrs. Kana Yamaguchi's garden in the Sakai, Osaka(Japan).

A small field close to her house had just been taken down, and various insects escaped into Mrs. Yamaguchi's garden. While insect hunting with her daughter Arisa, they found the pink coloured insect, and her son Keita caught the white.

According to Mr. Itaru Kanazawa at the Museum of Natural History in Osaka, these are the larvae of insects known as "Kubikirigisu", a type of cricket.

They have the tendency of camoflauging to surrounding colours, and the pink coloured cricket is probably an extreme result of being around anything dark brown. There is a possibility that the white one is an albino, but it is uncertain until it matures into an adult."

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Yui said...

This is quite amazing. A polyphenism with three distinct morphs!