Monday, November 7, 2011

Pierre Huyghe at Esther Schipper, Berlin

An excerpt:
"ZAMPETTI Are the ants metaphorical? Does the context of the gallery elevate them?

The ants are just ants. There are two small holes where they nest, and from there they just cross the room. They are present in the space, you can see some lines and there is a sort of trajectory. When you come into the gallery, you assume your normal trajectory. Then you notice the insects, and you take another. Then you see the spiders. There is a co-habitation, a co-existence, but there is not much relating. I am trying not to define the relations in between these live entities."

Super awesome....right?
My friend Emma had the unfortunate case of getting sick after this show. Upon walking out, you apparently become the third work on the checklist, Influenced, 2011. The description reads "A person in the space is carrying a flu virus."

Maybe Huyghe was asking for a little too much out of the viewer?

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