Sunday, October 2, 2011

Mantis Day at the Forest Preserve

This week found us with MUCH better weather at Chevalier Woods, where it was sunny and the mantises in particular were FLYING! I think everyone who came caught at least one...

The glee in the chase was  evident in many eyes, including those of Hernan ~

While the eyes of others, like Jay, seemed to play off the colors, patterns, and shapes of the very insects we were collecting:

 Of course there were a wide range of others insects too, including curious looking moths:

And charismatic beetles that looked surprisingly like "ladybugs" (but aren't!) ~

Some other red & blacks that typically loiter on milkweed plants ~

And some insects pairing up for the act of procreation!

Bees and others could also "bee" found...

As well as a whole mess of dragonflies. Most were flying too high and fast for anyone to catch, though Isabella snagged this one:

And Ryan bagged one as well - though sadly (as thestory often goes)  that was the one that got away on (when trying to get it out of the net...)

He stuck around after we left in pursuit, so I'll be curious to hear if he got one in the end ~ ?


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